Data Science.
Software Engineering.

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Things We're Good At

Natural Language Processing

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Automatic Summarization

Machine Learning

  • Classification
  • Clustering

Data Mining

  • Information Retrieval
  • Web Scraping

Our Works

The Story Behind DataTeaser

Jolo, Mikko, and Ben all met working remotely for a startup in San Francisco. Jolo worked as a data scientist, while Mikko and Ben were software engineers. After that startup got acquired, they all went separate ways but still maintained contact with each other.

On the side, Jolo is building TextTeaser. It is the automatic summarization algorithm he created for his MS CS thesis. TextTeaser acquired several paying users but it didn't push through. Developing it further needs a team. Jolo then asked Mikko, still working remotely as a sofware developer in a different company, and Ben, now a senior software engineer, to join and start a company together.

They also noticed that there is still a need not just in automatic summarization, but also in various text analysis and machine learning problems. That's why they started DataTeaser to offer natural language processing (text analysis), machine learning, and data mining solutions to companies that are in need of them.