DataTeaser is a data science and software engineering company

We have a good understanding of machine learning, NLP, and data mining.


We offer software services which includes:

Natural Language Processing
sentiment analysis, automatic summarization, etc.

Machine Learning
classification, clustering, etc.

Data Mining
information retrieval, web scraping, etc.



TextTeaser is an open source automatic summarization algorithm that uses simple natural language processing and machine learning to produce good results. It receives positive feedback in developer community.

Check it out on Github.

Philippine Earthquake Map

An image that visualized all the earthquakes that happened in the Philippines in 2014. It uses the data gathered from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology and illustrated it using Google Maps.

More info here.

Halalan 2016

This project crawls the different news articles in the Philippines and check if there are politicians mentioned. It uses a sentiment analysis algorithm to determine if the news about the politician is good or bad.

Coming soon.

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